Londoner for a year

London – a cultural metropolis with great universities and the potential to become one of the best experiences in my life. But is it possible for any foreigner to become a real Londoner for a year?


I always wanted to figure out the truth about the British. We already know that they drive on the wrong side of the road. But is it really true that the people here eat beans and bacon for breakfast, decorate their houses with nostalgic Princess Diana souvenirs and enjoy their “tea time” in the afternoon while looking out of the window and getting upset about the rainy weather? I’m gonna find it out and do all the things a real Londoner has to do!

But the curiosities about the British are not the only reason why I decided to spend the next year in the UK. London is also deemed to be an international melting pot filled with a huge range of restaurants, concerts, art exhibitions and entertainments for everyone. Now it’s time to put the tour guides back to the bookshelf and find the city’s hidden miracles in the unique lanes and streets.

I want to become part of London’s culture for a year, with all it’s traditions and originalities, to find out what makes this city and its people so attractive to the rest of the world. And I want you to join my journey. So, let’s start the adventure – let’s become Londoner for a year.


2 thoughts on “Londoner for a year

  1. I’m very looking forward to read about the ‘curious Brits’ – and of course expect a great tour guide throughout the hidden spots of London as soon as I visit you! 🙂

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