Londoners love Asian food! “Malaysia Night” at Trafalgar Square

The Londoners eat more and more Asian food as the second “Malaysia Night”-festival proofed last Friday the 24th at Trafalgar Square. The free festival was part of Malaysia Kitchen, a worldwide and government run campaign with the aim to promote Southeast Asian cuisine with its miscellaneous variety.

“Since the first night market last year we noticed that Malaysian food got more and more important”, says Dylan Watkins from the Malaysia Kitchen-PR department, “the growth rate in Malaysian restaurants in the last year had been 8 percent and also the demand on products had been growing about 12 to 15 percent”.

And the number of visitors acknowledged the increasing rate. According to the organizers, more than 20.000 visitors took the chance to try the food varieties of more than 20 different Malaysian restaurants and enjoy the multicultural atmosphere in one of London’s best-known meeting places. From basic street food to contemporary dishes everyone could grab a bite from the spicy kitchen with its huge variations. While enjoying the meal and refreshing with traditional drinks visitors could also find recipes or buy typical ingredients to create the Malaysian kitchen flair at home.

In between watching all the market stalls there were also conventional entertainment performances on stage in the centre of the market, including a fashion show featuring traditional Malaysian clothing and music from a Gamelan band. “It’s a very friendly family-festival for young and old”, says Ayleen who is originally from Malaysia, “I am happy to see that the night market represents the Malaysian culture so authentically and it shows that London is an international and open-minded place where everyone is welcome.”

Leaving Londoners with a taste for Malaysian cuisine, this event will hopefully increase people’s longing for Chicken Satay and Nasi Goreng.


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