Jamie’s Great Britain: 130 reasons to love British food

Bacon and Beans for breakfast and Fish and Chips as one of the nation’s favourite dishes – are there any reasons to love British food? “Without question Britain is a bad rep for food”, says Jamie Oliver. But he’s also of the opinion that Britain has published some beautiful cookbooks in the last 15 years.

With the Olympics coming up in 2012, Jamie Oliver wants to take the opportunity to capture England’s best recipes in his new cookbook “Jamie’s Great Britain” to make people finally admire his own country’s food.

The celebrity chef describes the traditional kitchen as proper rusted country-food. “We’ve never been the ones that had overdone anything or worked or shaped (…). It’s always been about family”.

It took him over a year to come across the best indegrients and suppliers for his new masterpiece. From vegetables to meat and desserts – there is a tasty bite of Britain for everyone in his book.

However, Jamie Oliver does not only show 130 ways to enjoy British food, he also refers to the incredible products of the farmers and the valuable seafood of the South. In “Jamie’s Great Britain” he shows the advancements in agriculture during the last 15 years and makes the amateur chefs at home realize the impact of the younger generations who go to universities and constantly advance the level of care and quality in farming.

And when I hear Jamie talking about fresh asparagus and all the lovely soft fruits and pumpkins I am sure to find the perfect British recipe that puts a smile on my face as well.



6 thoughts on “Jamie’s Great Britain: 130 reasons to love British food

  1. Yes, I like how he makes people aware of the importance of sustainability, e.g. buying local products, etc. / PS: If you buy it on Amazon you’ll get the book for only 10 Pounds 😉 x

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