London Chocolate Week: Chocalligraphy & Conscious Raw Chocolate Tasting

It’s Chocolate Week in London and there are plenty of melt-in-your-mouth events which you shouldn’t miss until Sunday, when you are a passionate chocoholic. Bea and I picked out two of the sweetest events taking place across the city.

Read more about Chocalligraphy and the Conscious Raw Chocolate tasting after the click:

First we visited the luxury chocolatier Rococo to create our own Chocalligraphy. On an antique table we were painting our names or favorite animals with chocolate on a parchment paper. And our little artworks turned out to be a feast for the senses: It was not only fun painting with melted chocolate, they also smelled really good and I was almost about to eat my piece of work.

During our chocolate art lesson we also had a look through the little shop. Rococo is filled with a huge variation of selfmade pralines and sweet presents for each occasion. The luxury chocolatier also offers chocolate classes, tastings and kids parties throughout the year where sweet addicts can learn the art of chocolate making – and of course eat chocolate.

After this creative choc-experience Bea and I were longing for more sweets. So we visited the Whole Foods Market at Kensington High Street for a Concsious Raw Chocolate Tasting.

We learned how to create our own delicious chocolate in its healthiest form with the Choc Chick Kit, which includes nothing but the natural main ingredients such as non-roasted raw cacao powder and raw cacao butter. No unhealthy sugars, no bad fats and additives.

And it’s up to you which extras you wanna add which makes the selfmade-chocolate experiment even more exciting.

The London Chocolate Week takes place until Sunday, 16th October. Check out for more events.


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