Pret A Manger: Natural Food and handmade Sandwiches

Among all the big food chains in London, Pret A Manger is definitely one of my favourite restaurants. Why? Because Pret creates “natural food” and the best “handmade” sandwiches. Sounds like a good choice for lunch, but is it really?

Pret recently has been critisized for the high amount of calories in some of the sandwiches. My favourite, Mature Cheddar & Pret Pickle, has for example 484 calories and even the “lighter” wraps contain around 400 kcal – quite much for a snack.

Also the amount of sodium on the packages is misleading. Sodium is just the “good” mineral we take from salt. Each Pret product contains between 0,5 and 1,5g of sodium, but the real measurement of salt is about 2,5 times the sodium.

What do we learn? Natural and handmade doesn’t automatically mean “healthy”- and maybe Pret is not the right choice if you are on a diet.

But: Pret products are still full of good and natural ingredients!

Buying products locally, Pret makes a big contribution to the environment. The higher animal welfare standards are another reason to choose Pret A Manger for a tasty lunch: Natural daylight, straw bales and and perches keep the Pret-hens active and happy. Pret stores also constantly try to reduce their water usage and work on minimizing their carbon footprint. Green thumbs up!

Calories aside, I for myself prefer a handmade sandwich with eco-friendly veggies and free range eggs for lunch to a greasy meal from any other fast food chain out there.

Pret-food may not be the healthiest one to get rid of your love-handles. However, it is delicious and the sustainable philosophy behind the food makes the shops to a great choice for lunchtime. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Pret A Manger: Natural Food and handmade Sandwiches

  1. I also think Pret is the best in the jungle of the fast-food restaurant. You cannot build a diet on it, but still helpful when you are in a hurry ;)… thumbs up for the article!

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