Please queue up for Halloween in London!

To-do list for Halloween: Find a fancy costume, get dressed, celebrate. Doesn’t sound so difficult, right? But getting ready for a Halloween party in London is not as easy as it may seem.

Receiving an invitation to a real American Halloween party in London, I was ready to masquerade. The dilemma: I was indecisive about my dress which turned out to become a real problem. With the time running out, I went to Angels, one of London’s most famous costume shops, to find my perfect outfit.Halloween in London

Walking down the Shaftesbury Avenue I was wondering about this incredibly long queue along the whole street. What are all these people waiting for? Goodie bags for free somewhere? No! They all want a Halloween costume!

This shop must be pretty amazing. Don’t mind, I thought. Just find another store. I mean, we are in London, there must be plenty of cool shops selling fancy costumes. Walking from one store to another I finally realized that I had no chance to get rid of the queues. Everywhere people were standing in longer and longer lines to get their perfect dress. But without me!

I decided to reduce my outfit to a little black dress and scary make-up. It’s cheaper anyway and black never goes out of style. But still I asked myself what it is that makes people get crazy about Halloween? Why do we love to be scared and scare at the same time?

On The Blog with three Souls I found the answer: Playing with our unconscious fears once a year is a good way to control and dominate them. It’s the same kind of feeling, we experience when we watch a horror film: We love to be scared in a safe way, knowing that the danger is unreal.

There seems to be a deeper sense in Halloween. Dressing up as vampires or killer pirates helps us to deal with fears in a funny and playful way. Nice theory! Next year I just have to plan ahead, or simply order my dress online.


3 thoughts on “Please queue up for Halloween in London!

  1. It seems, the American Halloween tradition is taking over Germany, as well. MASSIVE queues around Mannheim yesterday – all dressed up in the most hilarious-scary-impressive costumes… carnival twice a year, huh πŸ˜‰

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