Together we can do great things: The MAJI news project

During the last two days the journalism students at Westminster University experience a real news room feeling. Our mission: To produce two live news shows in two days. Sounds like a tough challenge, and it is!

Each day starts with a morning editorial meeting, where we discuss the news stories and arrange the tasks for the day. The atmosphere is like in a real news room. We choose chief editors, subeditors, floor managers and presenters.

While the chief editors Wendy and Patrick organize the schedule, the rest of the team goes out to shoot new stories, live reports and vox pops.

The deadline for the stories is 2.30pm. Until then we have to write the scripts, do voice overs and cut the material. The subeditors help us and check the scripts before we start editing.

At 3pm we are ready to prepare the show. Sara practises her script and I do the sound check with the production team.

4 o’clock: On Air! Our news anchor Sara is presenting the news stories of the day about the Euro-crisis, UCAS, the government’s crime mapping site and UK’s language program for immigrants. Weathergirl Wendy reads the weather forecast and Patrick informs about current sport news.

Producing these shows was a lot of stress. Running up and down, from one newsroom to the tape room, then to the interview appointment or another meeting, back and forth. But after a long day we are proud of the result – and it made all of us realize one thing: In broadcasting it’s all about teamwork. Together we can do great things.



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