The Christmas Lighting at Selfridges London

Since this week London lightened up for the Christmas season. Shops decorated their windows with Christmas trees, reindeers, angels and presents for the festive time. The degrees of taste vary.

In London’s Bond Street some stores decorated their shop windows with tacky and flashing lights which partly really hurt my eyes. Others show more sense of style and put their products in the best possible light.

Christmas Lighting at Selfridges

My absolute favourite Christmas shop windows are the ones at Selfridges. They are a festiveness itself and looking at the shiny decoration feels like already being in winter wonderland.

The whole decoration is kept in pure white and the plain illumination wounded around the pillars and fit branches highlights the pompous building.

Environmental Impact

Of course, the lights have a huge environmental impact if you imagine that even one normal string of Christmas tree lights used for 10 hours a day for 12 days creates carbon dioxide for twelve party balloons.

That doesn’t sound like a big number at first, but projected on all the lighted buildings in London’s city centre it makes an impact for sure.

Nevertheless, the festive decoration will light the trees until 5th of January 2012, so lets enjoy the lit up monuments and buildings for the short period of time. Happy Christmas time!

Christmas time at Selfridges in London, photo by coschda


3 thoughts on “The Christmas Lighting at Selfridges London

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