Ice Skating at London’s Natural History Museum

Wrap up in your winter warmers and visit one of London’s most spectacular sceneries in the Christmas season! The Natural History Museum Ice Skating Rink brings winter fun back to the city and is the perfect place for a family getaway.

In its fifth year the Natural History Museum invites visitors to a 1,000 metre-square ice rink in a marvelous setting. Festive lights around the museum combined with food stalls spread a cozy winter atmosphere all around the place and offer you an unforgettable time after visiting one of the museum’s great exhibitions.

Whether you are an ice skating pro or a newbie, you really should not miss this winter adventure. The rink is open to everyone and so you find lovestruck couples skating next to sporty athletes on the ice.

There is also a smaller rink for younger children and a fairground carousel for those who are a bit scared of showing their skills in figure skating.

Enjoy a hot chocolate at the cafe after your hour on the rink and overlook the beautiful scenery from above while warming up.

The ice rink at London’s Natural History Museum welcomes visitors until January 8th 2012.


  • Prices start from 8£ per hour for kids and go up to 13£ for adults. There are also cheaper family tickets available.

Opening Times:

  • 10.00-22.00 on weekdays
  • 08.45-22.00 on weekends

How to get there:

  • Piccadilly, Circle or District Line to South Kensington Station

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