London’s tube smiles with “Tea for Two”


“Would you like to have a cup of tea?”, a young girl asks me when I enter the Circle Line today.

Her name is Isabella Kavanagh and she’s a graphic student at the University of the Arts. Together with her friends she offers all passengers hot beverage and handmade cupcakes for free on that day.

And their attention to detail is a feast: A small table is standing in the middle of the tube, decorated with a red-chequered table cloth like some of us know it from grandma’s traditional kitchen. It feels like home!

The students themselves are dressed very classical in red ties, blouses and shirts which are embroidered with a specially designed Tea for Two-logo.

The mystery of silence on the tube

Usually I expect stressed people on the tube – lost in their own thoughts while reading the newspaper and not caring about who is sitting next to them.

Man of London complained about this fact in a recent post and also Isabella agrees: “People never talk to each other while being on the tube. This one-time project should simply make people smile. And it should encourage them to say hello and talk to each other on their journey.”

Well, it did! I am sure I was not the only one who enjoyed having a nice chat with some lovely people today. And hopefully, this was not the last time I left the tube with a smile…


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