Olympic Games to be shown on public screens around London

The BBC will provide 21 Big Screens across the UK to watch the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in public.

The Games will be shown for free with a series of special events and activities to go alongside them. The locations across the country will become live showplaces with sports coverage and interactive entertainment for everyone.

I love public viewing events, especially during summer time. Having a nice picknick or BBQ with your friends while watching the Games is definitely a good way to enjoy some time off.

I am more than excited to experience the Olympic Games 2012 life in London and for sure I will be a guest at one of the parks with the big screens.

Cities with the BBC Big Screens include Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester. Three of the screens will be positioned at London’s major open-air locations: Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square and Victoria Park.

Trafalgar Square:

  • Enjoy the Olympic and Paralympic Games here from 29 August to 9 September 2012
  • A giant BBC Screen with live sport coverage for free will be placed on the Square
  • Interactive and cultural events

Hyde Park:

  • Free entry to a large series of events between 28 July and 11 August
  • Tickets for the showing of the opening and closing ceremonies will be sold on 27 July and 12 August

Victoria Park:

  • “Sports Cafe” with two big screens and a series of smaller ones
  • Sports activities and evening concerts
  • Entry to the park is free every day

Boris Johnson, Major of London, says: “These exciting events will show London at its very best and ensure as  many people as possible across the capital feel a part of the celebrations.”

Guests who want guaranteed entry for special events will be able to pre-book up to four tickets per person in advance.


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