How public-service strikes can be good news

News always used to have a negative touch. And so did the headlines today: Across the UK millions of workers went on strike to protest agains the proposed pension cuts. Newspapers described the event as the “biggest strike since 30 years” and more than three quarters of England’s schools were closed as well as museums, libraries, hospitals and police stations.

Anyway, even if our teachers supported the union strike and stayed at home today, the Journalism students at the University of Westminster turned up to prepare a 15-minute news bulletin – not only because we are well-behaved (at least most of the time) but simply because radio news days mean loads of fun.

And that’s why I want to show you now how to turn bad news into good news:

Radio news day

We were on our own today in the radio room. But as we already proofed in our TV sessions, this means no big deal for us! Okay of course: we also allowed us some nice treatment and arrived at 11am instead of 10am, but from then we were busy as bees.

Divided into two teams, we first decided which international stories we want to cover today. Besides the strikes as our headline, we included news about the elections in Egypt, the Eurozone crisis as well as stories from China, Iran, Turkey and the United States.

We researched, typed and deleted and typed again – and in between we laughed a lot.

On Air

The most exciting part was when all the stories were ready and we went On Air in the studio. Prisliv was our presenter today, Preethi read the entertainment news and I was the weathergirl. The rest of the team handled the technical equipment (which is actually the most difficult job – virtually a science in itself!).

At the end of the day…

…the public-sector strike meant a lot of fun for us. We had a great day at the campus and no one was even thinking for a second about taking the opportunity to skip the class.

This day just showed me again how much I love the people in my course and that we are all on the right path. And if that isn’t good news enough, I really cannot help!


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