What I would rather do than spending £84,000 on a “back-up” wedding dress

An identical match of Princess Diana’s wedding gown and shoes have sold at an auction for 84,000£. The dress was designed in case anything went wrong with the original items at the wedding day back in 1981.

The ivory taffeta dress was bought from Madame Tussauds by a private American collector several years ago. This week he sold it to a fashion museum in Chile for 84,000£.

£84,000 for an old-fashioned “back-up” dress of a princess? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

And now it comes: People describe the gown as a historically very important piece of design. Do I have to emphasize the word “back-up” again? It was not even worn by the princess!

Instead it was probably just hanging in a dusty closet before it made it’s way to a cleaned vitrine at Madame Tussauds and finally to another public clothes rack in Chile.

Anyway, I would have much better ideas about what to do with £84,000. Here are a few of them:

  • Take a cab into the city and…
  • …shop at …let’s start at Regent Street
  • Call the taxi driver to drive me the 5 meters from Regent Street to Oxford Street. Just because I can.
  • Shop until I’m dying. (Oh you can’t imagine how good you can shop in London until you die!)
  • Shop like no one’s watching.
  • Eat something. (Have you tried Ben’s Cookies? DELICIOUS!)
  • Getting back home. Satisfied. With full bags of useless stuff. Knowing it’s definitely not as useless as spending my money on Lady Di’s BACK-UP! gown.
  • Putting my 2£ Primark-Shirt on and looking like a potato sack – and loving the fact that I’m still looking better than in this £84,000 dress (true story, convince yourself here).
  • Being happy about the remaining 50,000£ on my bank account. DOLLAR DOLLAR BILL Y’ALL!
  • And last but not least: Being thankful for something priceless called “style” compared to those people making offers of thousands of bucks to snatch a dress with PUFFY SLEEVES and calling it a milestone in design history. Poor things.

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