Life beyond work: New Year Greetings from abroad

As you might have noticed I didn’t have much time to write about London’s hidden places this Christmas season. The reason: At the moment I’m taking a little blogging break and spoil myself with a couple of weeks under the sun in Johannesburg.


The luxury of free falling

I think everyone of us needs some time to relax every now and then. My last semester in London was very exciting and full of new experiences, but I used to forget about the luxury of free falling – it’s this special feeling you might remember from your childhood when you spent hours watching the raindrops on your windowsill.

Life beyond work

Our everyday life is ruled by deadlines and pressing things we have to do, which causes stress in the long run.In my opinion the key to a balanced soul is a holistic lifestyle: Take your time, forget about the things you have to do and do things in life you want to do.

Work should not be the main attribute that defines you as a person. It’s your family and friends, your hobbies, the new things you want to learn and your journeys that form your character. That’s why I decided to enjoy my holiday with some amazing safari trips and simply waste some time with nice cocktails at the pool.

Starting 2012 with a fresh mind

But everything in life is temporary. I’m already prepared for 2012 with new and exciting reviews and insiders tips on traveling to London. Until then I wish all of you a happy new year from South Africa!


5 thoughts on “Life beyond work: New Year Greetings from abroad

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