My 24th birthday party in London

I am a real birthday princess when it comes to celebrating my big day of the year! I love waking up in the morning with a kiss on the cheek from my two dogs and starting the day with a lovely breakfast in bed with my boyfriend. During the day I get spoiled and eat loads of chocolate cake with my family. And every year I celebrate with all our friends at our place.

Living in London now, I was far away from all of this. My boyfriend was still in South Africa, my dogs with my parents in Germany, my sister in Berlin. Still, I didn’t want to leave my crown in the wardrobe!


So I celebrated with five other January birthday princesses from my course. We started with a nice dinner at Wagamama in Soho. It’s an asian food restaurant with huge portions and good student prices.

The dinner at Wagamama was the first time I saw all my friends again after the long winter holiday. We all had so much to catch up on and updated each other about the latest gossip.

The night continued at London’s Tiger Tiger Club at Piccadilly Circus. Everything was perfectly prepared, just for us! We had balloons, champagne, cocktails, pizza and pink cupcakes with little fireworks. What a show! The Music was a good mix of the latest house and hip hop charts – and we danced our shoes off!

The night out was simply unforgettable and even if I didn’t have my every year birthday routine with my beloved ones, all my wonderful friends here made me feel like a real princess for a day!



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