Sh*t girls say in London

Finally(!), after over a month ago the famous Shit Girls say video caused an amazing tidal wave of parodies on the internet, someone put together a “Shit Girls say in London” video! So, if you live in London, the quotes in the following video will definitely sound familiar to you.

“Tube’s delayed”

A classic saying. Swearing at public transport happens almost every day here in London. Closures of tube lines are as well on the day’s schedule as busses just driving by the station. Duh!

“A cuppa”

Londoners love to catch up with friends for a drink – doesn’t matter if it’s a warm “cuppa” tea or an after-work beer. The British love their “pub culture”. And they’re so right: There’s nothing better than having a drink with your best friends in a nice bar. Especially on Fridays after 5pm the pubs around London are crowded with people in suits, who leave the week behind with a drink. “Cheers!”

“Are the windows open?”

Looking for apartments in London, you’re very quickly brought down to earth with a big bang. I remember some shocking experiences when we were looking for a suitable place to stay. The best hint I can give you:  Make sure your apartment has appropriate and isolated windows! Most of the offered places have shabby and old wooden windows which, despite heater, force you to sleep in three pullovers, your gloves and at least two pair of socks during winter time.

The sayings in the “Shit Girls say in London” video are only a few London classics. Share yours!


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