Vintage treasures at London’s Kingly Court

When you go on a city sightseeing trip, what do you want to see? The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Buckingham Palace in London? Let’s be honest. There’s nothing better than going on a real discovery journey. And I don’t mean to drive with one of those red busses from Big Ben to Piccadilly Circus. No! I talk about exploring a city’s life behind it’s touristic facade. This good feeling of letting the guidebook in the bag for a second and pierce into this tiny little yard, which seems so abandoned and still so lovely. One of them is the Kingly Court right behind the famous Carnaby Street.

30 stores full of vintage clothes, fancy accessories and lovely cupcakes hide behind one of the colorful Carnaby houses. Every little shop in the three-storey courtyard is a unique one-off store, full of treasures and surprises. One of my favorite shops is “Marshmallow Mountain”, a little  vintage store where everyone can find something special and unique. Right next to it you find the Candy Cake Brasserie. Turquoise and pink rule this lovely place for cupcake lovers, which makes it just fit perfectly into the colorful Carnaby scenery.


2 thoughts on “Vintage treasures at London’s Kingly Court

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