Kate Who? Celebrity Shirts from Camden Town

At the market in Camden Town you find all sorts of printed celebrity shirts: Heidi Klum, Audrey Hepburn, Adriana Lima or Johnny Depp. My sister and I were looking for a shirt with a sexy Kate Moss print. Entering one of the stores we asked for it and got following incredible answer:

“Kate WHO?”

“Kate Moss, the international fashion model.”

“Ahh, Kate Moss, the German model, right?”

At this point I’d like to mention that Kate Moss is not only a British fashion icon, SHE IS ACTUALLY FROM LONDON! Neither do you have to be Kate’s neighbor nor do you have to be addicted to fashion to know who she is. You just have to watch TV or read the newspaper every now and then.

The guy wasn’t old, he was actually a young British man in his 20’s. But let’s forgive him this little educational gap – because it got even worse.

He showed us his collection of tees and pointed to a shirt that showed Audrey Hepburn: “Is this Kate Moss?” – No further comment…

Anyway, if you’re looking for a sexy celeb shirt you’re on the right spot in Camden Town. The market stalls close to the tube station have a bigger selection than the stalls behind the Camden Lock. I bought mine for 12£ and in most stores you’ll get 2 for 20£. Prices are usually everywhere the same. Styling tip: They look stunning if you combine them with a pink blazer and a few golden accessories.


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