Stylistpick & Co.: Why do we need Cyber Stylists to tell us what to wear?

It seems like every day a new online shop is popping up on the internet to drain my money. is one of these new e-commerce stores. The concept is easy. As soon as you get started, you have to complete a questionnaire that figures out your personal style profile. Which celebrity style do you admire the most? Do you prefer sneakers rather than high heels? Do you like to wear accessories?

As soon as your profile is completed, a team of stylists selects the perfect pieces that reflect your own style. has the latest fashion trends -perfectly tailored for you at an affordable price. Filling out the style questionnaire is also much fun and I usually like most of the pieces (especially the shoes) they select for my “individual” showroom.

By clicking through these countless convenient concepts, I ask myself an essential question: When did our time run out in a way that we are not even able to enjoy a nice shopping experience? What happened that we need cyber stylists who choose for us what to wear?

Don’t get me wrong, I love online shopping. I am an absolute fan of asos & Co. and most of my favorite dresses are the result of an online shopping excess. Still, I love to chose all the pieces myself, delving with pleasure among the thousands of pieces in the shop for a while.

Sure, the styles, which these stores put together for you are just a nice inspiration. They don’t force you to buy any of those pieces. They simply help to manage the jungle of offers on the world wide web.

But inspiration is a joyful aspect of developing your own style. Don’t let others do this work for you.

Be individual yourself if you’re looking for something unique. Indulge yourself in fashion magazines and get inspired by the catwalks, bloggers and fashion icons out there – and your showroom will be one of a kind!


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