Professional Make-Up Treatments at Cosmetic Schools

Today I had the opportunity to get a professional Make-Up. We visited the Cosmetics School of my mum’s friend for a free beauty session. I love any kind of professional facial and wellness treatments and I was looking forward to get spoiled at the open day.

I made bad experiences in the past when I got my make up done by professional make up artists: Either the foundation was too dark, the colors too strong or the make up simply didn’t fit my style.

Today is the first time that I’m absolutely satisfied with the treatment and result. The girl who applied my make up was only in her first semester, but already worked better than all the professionals I have met before. She applied a lovely day make up that fits my facial structure and she matched the colors perfectly to my outfit.

After applying the foundation, a natural brown-tone was applied to my cheek to create a fresh look. A shiny bronze-colored eyeshadow was applied to my eyes while the inner rims of my eyes were highlighted softly with a light and shimmery eye powder.

If you also want to get a professional make up treatment just inform yourself at the Cosmetics Schools in your area. They usually have special offers or events as their students are always looking for models to improve their skills.


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