A high-class experience: Dinner at Aqua Kyoto in Regent Street

For my boyfriend’s 30th birthday we went out for dinner at Aqua Kyoto in London’s Regent Street. With its central location, Aqua offers a unique and high-class dining experience.

The atmosphere

Already the entrance is stunning: A beautiful receptionist welcomes us in a dimly lit lobby. The walls that are decked out with red velvet drapes and the secret-sensuous atmosphere awaken our curiosity for more.

Once landed on the fifth floor, even more of these elegant dressed assistants wait for us. The ladies guide the guests either to Aqua Nueva, the Spanish restaurant of the concept on the left side, or to Aqua Kyoto, a restaurant inspired by the Japanese cuisine. Our assistant takes us through the bar area to our fancy table. Entering the main restaurant area of Aqua Kyoto, our eyes drift to the open sushi work station, where guest can watch their meal being freshly prepared.

The high-class interior design is also very opulent, with velvet chairs, wooden tables and plenty of mirrors on the walls. The dining area ends in a glass wall opening up to a big terrace, which is one of my favorite highlights of this place. A wooden decking and rattan furniture create a comfortable and romantic atmosphere, where you have an incredible view over Regent Street and central London.

The food

You could easily spend hundreds of pounds here, with prices up to 65 £ per dish! Still, there are many affordable options on the menu as well. As a starter we had the spinach rolls with toasted sesame sauce (7,50 £). It was already a delicious food experience.

As a main dish I had the udon noodles with mixed mushrooms and salted black beans (11,50 £). The noodles reminded me of the ones I used to eat at the asian deli around the corner, but the black beans added a unique spicy taste. Filipe tried the roast duck breast with grilled spring onion (18 £). Together with the starter both of us were definitely full and happy.

The highlight was the dessert. The Green Tea Mousse is absolute perfection and a unique taste adventure. I’ve never tried something so light and new before. It’s a must when you visit Aqua Kyoto!

If you don’t want to eat, you can also visit Aqua Kyoto’s Bar for an after work drink. They offer a huge selection of cocktails and wines.


The service at Aqua Kyoto is amazing. The assistants were friendly and our waitress was  constantly checking on our wellbeing.

Aqua Kyoto is definitely an upmarket destination, but you don’t only come here to eat. This place is about going out, showing off and having a great night out. The clear concept, perfect food and the polished service turn this posh space to a must if you are a fan of asian cuisine.


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