Portobello Market in Notting Hill

London’s Portobello Market is one of the most famous street markets in the world. Located on the Portobello Street itself, it is the vibrant hub of Notting Hill.

Portobello market has a long history and began as a fresh-food market in the 19th century. The shops are lining along the whole street and it’s the charm of the colorful Victorian townhouses that turns the Portobello Road into a special vintage shopping experience.

This market introduces you not just to vintage clothes and fashionable accessories, but mainly to antiques and collectable items such as jewelry, furniture and first edition books. Here it’s really possible to stumble upon valuable treasures from days gone by.

The main market day for antiques is Saturday. However, the stores are opened throughout the week and fresh fruits and vegetables are available every day from various stalls.

I just love walking along the bright houses and shops with a fresh bowl of blueberries on a sunny day. It’s also worth visiting the famous Hummingbird Bakery for a delicious cupcake.

The Portobello Market in Notting Hill is located on the North West side of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and the closest tube station is Notting Hill Gate. Here are a few more impressions of my sister’s and my last visit.


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