Duke of York Square Food Market (+pasta recipe)

The Duke of York Square Food Market is located next to Saatchi Gallery close to Sloane Square tube station. Every Saturday the market sells everything from good quality cheeses and cupcakes to Malaysian cuisine and Moroccan food.

Originally the market was started by the upmarket food shop Partridges back in 2005. The aim was to give small producers and family businesses the chance to trade their goods in this expensive part of Chelsea.

Since then, more than 40 mongers are setting up their stalls here each week. Additionally, the chic boutiques and modern glass-fronted coffee shops at the Duke of York Square create a fashionable atmosphere around the market.

The Duke of York Square is the perfect place to avoid the crowded shopping streets in central London on a Saturday. I love combining shopping at Zara with a coffee or cupcake from the market. Last time, my boyfriend Filipe and I bought a very special garlic cheese from one of the stalls. You would never find such a delicious cheese anywhere else. In the evening, we created our very own pasta recipe with it. It’s simple:

Recipe: Garlic cheese tagliatelle with aglio olio


  • 500g tagliatele
  • Garlic cheese from the market (or ask your local cheesemonger)
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • Olive oil

While you cook the pasta chop up the garlic cloves. Add some olive oil to a pan and roast the garlic gently. Add the pasta to the pan and pour some pasta water on it. Scramble the pasta with the olive-garlic sauce and serve on a warm plate. Afterwards grate the garlic cheese evenly on top of the dish. Add some salt and pepper, et voilá.


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