Ice Skating at London’s Natural History Museum

Wrap up in your winter warmers and visit one of London’s most spectacular sceneries in the Christmas season! The Natural History Museum Ice Skating Rink brings winter fun back to the city and is the perfect place for a family getaway.

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Harrods and Swarovski unveil “A Crystal Christmas” at Harrods

This weekend Harrods and Swarovski unveiled “A Crystal Christmas” at Harrods, featuring a sparkling window decoration for the festive season.

The centrepiece of the windows at Harrods is a 230,000£ couture gown with more than 150,000 Swarovski crystals.

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Please queue up for Halloween in London!

To-do list for Halloween: Find a fancy costume, get dressed, celebrate. Doesn’t sound so difficult, right? But getting ready for a Halloween party in London is not as easy as it may seem.

Receiving an invitation to a real American Halloween party in London, I was ready to masquerade. The dilemma: I was indecisive about my dress which turned out to become a real problem. With the time running out, I went to Angels, one of London’s most famous costume shops, to find my perfect outfit.Halloween in London

Walking down the Shaftesbury Avenue I was wondering about this incredibly long queue along the whole street. What are all these people waiting for? Goodie bags for free somewhere? No! They all want a Halloween costume!

This shop must be pretty amazing. Don’t mind, I thought. Just find another store. I mean, we are in London, there must be plenty of cool shops selling fancy costumes. Walking from one store to another I finally realized that I had no chance to get rid of the queues. Everywhere people were standing in longer and longer lines to get their perfect dress. But without me! Continue reading

London Chocolate Week: Chocalligraphy & Conscious Raw Chocolate Tasting

It’s Chocolate Week in London and there are plenty of melt-in-your-mouth events which you shouldn’t miss until Sunday, when you are a passionate chocoholic. Bea and I picked out two of the sweetest events taking place across the city.

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Londoners love Asian food! “Malaysia Night” at Trafalgar Square

The Londoners eat more and more Asian food as the second “Malaysia Night”-festival proofed last Friday the 24th at Trafalgar Square. The free festival was part of Malaysia Kitchen, a worldwide and government run campaign with the aim to promote Southeast Asian cuisine with its miscellaneous variety.

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