Coming soon! Victoria’s Secret opens first European flagship store in London

The angels are about to land! Victoria’s Secret is finally coming to London. The first European flagship store will open its doors in New Bond Street this summer. Today I went to Westfield / Stratford, where another shop will be set up soon as well (see picture). Continue reading


London Tube Cuffs by

Thanks to Susan from Sue loves NYC I came across these extraordinary tube cuffs by Design Hype. The metal London bracelet with matte finish is the perfect gift for cosmopolitans. Stops, numbers and streets are embossed across the surface of the metal cuff. Just like checking a watch, the cuff makes you navigate the tube system easily and inconspicuously. I really haven’t seen such a cool souvenir before. Tube cuffs by are also available for New York, Paris and Milan.

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Professional Make-Up Treatments at Cosmetic Schools

Today I had the opportunity to get a professional Make-Up. We visited the Cosmetics School of my mum’s friend for a free beauty session. I love any kind of professional facial and wellness treatments and I was looking forward to get spoiled at the open day.

I made bad experiences in the past when I got my make up done by professional make up artists: Either the foundation was too dark, the colors too strong or the make up simply didn’t fit my style.

Today is the first time that I’m absolutely satisfied with the treatment and result. The girl who applied my make up was only in her first semester, but already worked better than all the professionals I have met before. She applied a lovely day make up that fits my facial structure and she matched the colors perfectly to my outfit.

After applying the foundation, a natural brown-tone was applied to my cheek to create a fresh look. A shiny bronze-colored eyeshadow was applied to my eyes while the inner rims of my eyes were highlighted softly with a light and shimmery eye powder.

If you also want to get a professional make up treatment just inform yourself at the Cosmetics Schools in your area. They usually have special offers or events as their students are always looking for models to improve their skills.

H&M Exclusive Conscious Collection on London’s High Street

H&M launched its latest Conscious Collection yesterday in the shops worldwide. With the new pieces H&M shows that it does not only care about sustainability but also about great design. The evening wear is much more extravagant than the “Conscious Collection”-items from the past. Sustainable tops and trousers are available from 19,95€ while the exclusive dresses can cost up to 299€. My favorite is the yellow organza dress with pearl and rhinestone highlights. And yours?

Picture source: H&M (,

photos by Kacper Kasprzyk for H&M

Stylistpick & Co.: Why do we need Cyber Stylists to tell us what to wear?

It seems like every day a new online shop is popping up on the internet to drain my money. is one of these new e-commerce stores. The concept is easy. As soon as you get started, you have to complete a questionnaire that figures out your personal style profile. Which celebrity style do you admire the most? Do you prefer sneakers rather than high heels? Do you like to wear accessories?

As soon as your profile is completed, a team of stylists selects the perfect pieces that reflect your own style. has the latest fashion trends -perfectly tailored for you at an affordable price. Filling out the style questionnaire is also much fun and I usually like most of the pieces (especially the shoes) they select for my “individual” showroom.

By clicking through these countless convenient concepts, I ask myself an essential question: When did our time run out in a way that we are not even able to enjoy a nice shopping experience? What happened that we need cyber stylists who choose for us what to wear?

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Kate Who? Celebrity Shirts from Camden Town

At the market in Camden Town you find all sorts of printed celebrity shirts: Heidi Klum, Audrey Hepburn, Adriana Lima or Johnny Depp. My sister and I were looking for a shirt with a sexy Kate Moss print. Entering one of the stores we asked for it and got following incredible answer:

“Kate WHO?”

“Kate Moss, the international fashion model.”

“Ahh, Kate Moss, the German model, right?”

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The London Hipster Style or how to look ugly!

Recently, my sister visited me in London for some shopping and sightseeing. With a full portemonnaie and high expectations we started our High Street shopping tour. Both of us like to dress lady-like in tight jeans, elegant tops or classy dresses.

Looking for the latest fashion trends we quickly realised that there’s nothing for us to find at the moment. All we could see were shops filled with patterned leggings and tummy shirts. WHAT’S HAPPENING? I just don’t get what makes beautiful girls dress like this: