Duke of York Square Food Market (+pasta recipe)

The Duke of York Square Food Market is located next to Saatchi Gallery close to Sloane Square tube station. Every Saturday the market sells everything from good quality cheeses and cupcakes to Malaysian cuisine and Moroccan food.

Originally the market was started by the upmarket food shop Partridges back in 2005. The aim was to give small producers and family businesses the chance to trade their goods in this expensive part of Chelsea.

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Afternoon Tea at Bake-a-Boo

Bake-a-Boo is a small pink tea room in West Hampstead’s Mill Lane. The place is very flowery and cozy, which makes it to the perfect setting for an afternoon tea session. The shop is such a feast for the eyes with so much love to detail. The individual decor and the traditionally embellished china create a typical British afternoon tea atmosphere. I had such a lovely time.

Bake-a-Boo has amazingly delicious cupcakes and probably the largest selection of exotic teas I’ve seen so far. The charming store also offers gluten free, lactose free and wheat free cupcakes, which sets the shop aside from other cupcake places in London.

Bake-a-Boo also published a bakery cookbook with plenty of tea time recipes for every occasion. The tea room is just a 15 minutes walk away from West Hampstead tube station and well worth a visit if you like to enjoy a cuppa and cake.

A high-class experience: Dinner at Aqua Kyoto in Regent Street

For my boyfriend’s 30th birthday we went out for dinner at Aqua Kyoto in London’s Regent Street. With its central location, Aqua offers a unique and high-class dining experience.

The atmosphere

Already the entrance is stunning: A beautiful receptionist welcomes us in a dimly lit lobby. The walls that are decked out with red velvet drapes and the secret-sensuous atmosphere awaken our curiosity for more.

Once landed on the fifth floor, even more of these elegant dressed assistants wait for us. The ladies guide the guests either to Aqua Nueva, the Spanish restaurant of the concept on the left side, or to Aqua Kyoto, a restaurant inspired by the Japanese cuisine. Our assistant takes us through the bar area to our fancy table. Entering the main restaurant area of Aqua Kyoto, our eyes drift to the open sushi work station, where guest can watch their meal being freshly prepared.

The high-class interior design is also very opulent, with velvet chairs, wooden tables and plenty of mirrors on the walls. The dining area ends in a glass wall opening up to a big terrace, which is one of my favorite highlights of this place. A wooden decking and rattan furniture create a comfortable and romantic atmosphere, where you have an incredible view over Regent Street and central London.

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English Breakfast: A Vegetarian’s Recipe

English food is hearty, simple and filling. According to Jamie Oliver the British have “never been the ones that had overdone anything or worked or shaped (…).” British food is about plain cooking. It’s about family.

I love traditional dishes, but honestly it seemed impossible for me to have a cooked meal for breakfast. Beans? Bacon? Mushrooms? At 8 am? No chance.

But living here for a year, I also wanted to do all the things a real Londoner has to do. So I had to overcome myself and to stand behind the stove in the morning.

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Pinkberry at Selfridge’s – London’s best (and cheapest!) Frozen Yogurt

It took me months to discover my favorite Frozen Yogurt place in London. There are several options like Frae, Snog and many others. They all taste good, but are quite expensive. And I don’t see why I should spend 4 Pounds for a small cup of Yogurt with only one (or maybe two) toppings.

I was so happy when I found Pinkberry at Selfridge’s. Here, you only pay per cup size. They don’t charge you for each topping, which makes this place perfectly affordable.

First you chose a yogurt flavour. From chocolate to peach and other seasonal flavors there’s something for every taste. I prefer the original yogurt flavor, it’s the most refreshing. Then you can fill the pot to the brim with a huge range of delicious toppings. You can go for the healthy version with fruits or you can just turn your frozen yogurt into a calorie bomb with brownies, chocolate sauce and coconut chips.

There are thousands of combinations to create your frozen masterpiece. For me it’s the perfect light snack and a yummi alternative to ice cream on a sunny day.

Benugo – fresh and self made sandwiches near Oxford Circus

I am a vegetarian. Therefore the main things that make me full at lunch time are pizza, pasta and sandwiches. I love fresh food as well and you can imagine how happy my hungry stomach was when I found Benugo in London’s Great Portland Street. Benugo is a modern, rustic-style diner with the best self-made sandwiches in central London.

First you can choose between a variation of crispy breads (ciabatta, baguette,…), then you choose from a list of toppings and one of the delicious dressings. I love my sandwich toasted with fresh avocado slices, salad and garlic dressing. The food at Benugo is simple, but the freshness of the ingredients combined with a natural atmosphere make the place worth visiting. They also offer a quite cheap breakfast menu, so why not having a proper brunch before heading off to a long shopping day?

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Bubble Tea at Bubbleology: Is “Boba Tea” vegetarian?

Have you heard of bubble tea? It’s the perfect party in a cup! Compared to traditional tea this latest tea trend is so special because of the “sunken treasures”, which nestle at the bottom of the plastic cup. The fruity or milky drink is refined with little tapioca pearls (or “bobas”), which look like little bubbles. There are hundreds of different combinations for each individual taste.

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