The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: Rehearsal Impressions

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English Breakfast: A Vegetarian’s Recipe

English food is hearty, simple and filling. According to Jamie Oliver the British have “never been the ones that had overdone anything or worked or shaped (…).” British food is about plain cooking. It’s about family.

I love traditional dishes, but honestly it seemed impossible for me to have a cooked meal for breakfast. Beans? Bacon? Mushrooms? At 8 am? No chance.

But living here for a year, I also wanted to do all the things a real Londoner has to do. So I had to overcome myself and to stand behind the stove in the morning.

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Pure Happiness

We have a pretty exciting year behind us. After a giant move, my boyfriend Filipe was busy with his Phd thesis while I was studying for my Master’s degree 800km away in London. Actually, I still do, but there’s only my final project left, which means I can spend more time with my dogs Snoop & Emily back home.
The last year has been full of experiences that I don’t want to miss. London is one of the greatest cities in the world. I’ve made new friends, celebrated great parties and learned as much as never before at university. Apart from the major city hot spots, I’ve learned to love the hidden markets and numerous vintage shops and I can call myself a proud owner of at least five pairs of new shoes. There’s simply nothing missing in this city. Or is it?

What I would rather do than spending £84,000 on a “back-up” wedding dress

An identical match of Princess Diana’s wedding gown and shoes have sold at an auction for 84,000£. The dress was designed in case anything went wrong with the original items at the wedding day back in 1981.

The ivory taffeta dress was bought from Madame Tussauds by a private American collector several years ago. This week he sold it to a fashion museum in Chile for 84,000£.

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