Occupy London: The solidarity movement is getting organised

The Occupy London movement, which protests against the extremes of global capitalism, prepares to become a permanent spot of resistance at London’s St.Paul’s Cathedral.

Today it’s been already the 4th day of protest and assumptions, that the silent stand-off would break up on the first day of work after the weekend, were disproved.

Activists already organised a canteen, toilet blocks and a first aid tent with medical care. Even a recycling can is deployed to keep the square clean. Others arranged a library next to their tent to share knowledge and exchange thoughts with everyone who comes by.

Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, people plan to keep the peaceful protest going on as long as possible.

People I met today were from all ages and professions – mostly going back to work during the week, but returning in their lunch break or on the weekends to support the assembly.

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