Primark for Selfridges: High Street meets High End

It seems to be the most contradictory cooperation between two fashion retailers: This week the trade magazine Retail Week revealed that Primark plans to open 1,000 squaremetre menswear consessions in two Selfridges stores in the UK.

The two stores will feature an edited collection of Primark’s menswear designs, including clothing, footwear and accessories. Prices will be the same as in Primark stores, with T-Shirts and Accessories available for even less than 5 Pounds.

The concessions will be set up in Birmingham’s Bullring Centre next week followed by another in-Selfridges-store in Manchester’s Trafford Centre in the middle of November.

I simply can’t imagine leaving Selfridges with a shopping bag full of Primark clothes. That just does not fit.

Anyway, the recent H&M shop-in-shop in London’s Selfridges store seems to be an indication that customers totally love High Street shopping in a high class atmosphere.



The Christmas Lighting at Selfridges London

Since this week London lightened up for the Christmas season. Shops decorated their windows with Christmas trees, reindeers, angels and presents for the festive time. The degrees of taste vary.

In London’s Bond Street some stores decorated their shop windows with tacky and flashing lights which partly really hurt my eyes.¬†Others show more sense of style and put their products in the best possible light.

Christmas Lighting at Selfridges

My absolute favourite Christmas shop windows are the ones at Selfridges. They are a festiveness itself and looking at the shiny decoration feels like already being in winter wonderland.

The whole decoration is kept in pure white and the plain illumination wounded around the pillars and fit branches highlights the pompous building.

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