Bubble Tea at Bubbleology: Is “Boba Tea” vegetarian?

Have you heard of bubble tea? It’s the perfect party in a cup! Compared to traditional tea this latest tea trend is so special because of the “sunken treasures”, which nestle at the bottom of the plastic cup. The fruity or milky drink is refined with little tapioca pearls (or “bobas”), which look like little bubbles. There are hundreds of different combinations for each individual taste.

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Sh*t girls say in London

Finally(!), after over a month ago the famous Shit Girls say video caused an amazing tidal wave of parodies on the internet, someone put together a “Shit Girls say in London” video! So, if you live in London, the quotes in the following video will definitely sound familiar to you.

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London’s tube smiles with “Tea for Two”


“Would you like to have a cup of tea?”, a young girl asks me when I enter the Circle Line today.

Her name is Isabella Kavanagh and she’s a graphic student at the University of the Arts. Together with her friends she offers all passengers hot beverage and handmade cupcakes for free on that day.

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